Spiritual Services


There are four ECK celebrations of life, which are conducted by ECK clerics:


  • The ECK Consecration Ceremony, for infants and very young children. It celebrates new life and the beginning of a new phase in Soul’s journey home to God.
  • The ECK Rite of Passage, for youth on the threshold of becoming adults, at about age thirteen.
  • The ECK Wedding Ceremony, which celebrates the marriage bond and commitment of the couple to bring a deep spiritual awareness to their life together.
  • The ECK Memorial Service, which honors the journey of Soul and celebrates a loved one’s life and passage to a new life in the spiritual worlds.


ECK Spiritual Aide (ESA) Sessions

An ECK Spiritual Aide is a member of the ECK clergy especially appointed and trained to meet with individuals who wish personal spiritual assistance. An ESA session, though not counselling, can help you find your own answers in challenging situations through the personal guidance of Divine Spirit. It is of a sacred and confidential nature. An ESA does not offer advice but simply listens as a vehicle for the Holy Spirit.

Eckankar is registered as a non-profit religious organization. ECK clergy are ordained after many years of training and service. Ordination is documented by an ordination certificate issued by Eckankar. Eckankar’s clergy is notable both in that it is a volunteer rather than paid service and for the rich and diverse backgrounds of its members.

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Miracles in Your Life

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