Online Events

Online Events

Free Introductory Spiritual Classes

For more information on the following events, click on the area closest to you on the events menu. This will take you to a listing on Meetup where you can find more details on each event, register, and obtain the Zoom link. We look forward to seeing you there!



Develop a Powerful Spiritual Practice

Join us to sing HU, a sacred sound and ancient mantra that can expand your awareness, calm your mind, and bring insights into your life. The 15-20 minute HU song is followed by a short contemplation, then relaxed spiritual conversation.

ECK e booklets

Spiritual Conversations

Join us for a spiritual discussion based on one of Eckankar's free eBooklets   which offer inspiration, stories, tips, and spiritual exercises to help you strengthen your inner link with Divine Spirit.

Spiritual conversations are a wonderful way for people to share stories, ideas, insights, and personal experiences about a variety of topics that show how Spirit is working in your life. These discussions are relaxed, welcoming, and genuine, and are for anyone who wants to explore their spiritual life more deeply with others in openhearted conversation.


Miracles in Your Life

The difference this single word can make in your life may astound you.