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Eckankar Members – please sign in.

We have a new sign-in protocol to increase security on our website:


To sign in, please enter our Eckankar NZ members’ key followed immediately by the last word in the title of Sri Harold’s lead article in the December 2021 Mystic World in all lowercase letters with no punctuation marks or blanks. In case you have not yet received your paper copy of the Mystic World, please go to , then Sign-In –> Your Spiritual Studies tile –> The Mystic World.


For example, if the members’ key is abcz and the last word in Sri Harold’s article is  Connection! then enter the password as abczconnection. The key is in your latest RESA e-Voice. If you don’t receive the RESA e-Voice please email Eckankar NZ President for the key at


Thank you for your understanding of this change.