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The teachings of Eckankar offers unique tools to help you connect with and discover this for yourself. You are invited to come along and meet others who share a desire to fulfill their spiritual purpose in this life. Check out our events to find something that interests you.

Sri Harold Klemp is a spiritual teacher and author. He is known as a pioneer of today’s focus on “everyday spirituality.” He was raised on a Wisconsin farm and attended divinity school.

In 1981, after years of training, he became the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR—The Path of Spiritual Freedom. His full title is Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. His mission is to help people find their way back to God in this life.

Each year, Harold Klemp speaks to thousands of seekers at Eckankar seminars. Author of more than one hundred books, he continues to write, including many articles and spiritual-study discourses. His books have been translated into more than 18 languages.

His inspiring and practical approach to spirituality helps many thousands of people worldwide find greater freedom, wisdom, and love in their lives.

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual purpose is? This is a question many people ask and spend their life searching for the answer to.

Sri Harold Klemp says,

“Outwardly, all you know is this gnawing feeling that there is more to life than you have yet discovered. So you begin your search through different philosophies, looking for the missing link.” —The Call of Soul, p. 1

“Odd as it may seem, you had a special reason for coming into this lifetime.  It was to become a more godlike being, but most people do not realize this fact.  They assume that birth is a fancy of destiny.

All the lives you have ever lived were for the polishing of Soul.  Like it or not, you are now at a higher and more spiritual level than in any prior incarnation.  So look at yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Keep in mind, whatever it is, for better or worse, it’s of your own making.

You are the sum of all your thoughts, feelings, and actions from this life and every lifetime in the past.” —The Call of Soul, p. 95

"Soul’s whole purpose for being in this world is to find divine love. People come to the teachings of ECK for a number of reasons. Some come for the phenomenal things, like the gift of prophecy. They want to learn Soul Travel, which is a spiritual art. Or they want the gift of healing.

But those who are farther ahead spiritually come to ECK with the desire to find love, divine love. In fact, before they find ECK, they have often asked, “Show me how to find love.” Then they find it in ECK.

This is not to say that people in other paths don’t do the same thing in their particular religion. God has established all religions because each religion serves a purpose. Each religion fills the needs of a certain group of Souls. And within each religion, there are those who are more advanced spiritually and those who are just starting out on the spiritual path.

This accounts for the wide range of behavior in people. Just because someone is a Christian is no guarantee that person will be an ethical and morally upright person. Just because a person is an ECKist offers no similar guarantee. In ECK, we also have people who are far advanced spiritually and others who are just beginning the spiritual path. But for whatever reason a person chooses a certain religion, it answers that Soul’s spiritual needs of the day. And this day may last a lifetime; it may last several lifetimes. It may last a year or only a week.

The point is, we are all where we belong in our state of consciousness." —The Secret of Love, pp. 5-6


Miracles in Your Life

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